Monday, August 11, 2014

Built with Love

I don't think any of us take enough time in our lives to reflect upon things that matter to us the most. I hate to sit here and write that something material matters so much to me....I really dislike people who are wrapped up in material things. I learned the hard way that material things GO, and that they really don't matter a bit in the big picture God has for us. (Remember that old joke....never saw a Uhual behind a hearse?? LOL) But....there is one material thing that means a great deal to me, and I want to share the story behind it with you guys.

This past spring I wanted a headboard.....NEEDED a headboard. I searched high and low and could not find a headboard I liked, new or used. After another lost weekend of looking at particle board hunks of junk for a thousand bucks, I was pretty done with it. So, I simply said as I was surfing the net that Sunday night, "If I could have any kind of headboard I wanted, I want one with paddles on it." To which my sweet Kenny replied, "Well, I will make you one." I just laughed to myself, thinking yeah right you will.

The next day, I had to go to work, and Kenny set out to Home Depot AND Lowe's. (NO man can go to just one, I am CONVINCED of this!!) He called me at work and said, "I am making you a headboard." OH MY GOD is all I could think!!! NOW I've gone and done it. I'm going to have to PRETEND I like this thing AND have it in the house. I think I would have been better off to have just bought one and shut my mouth, I though to myself.

So, I drove home that afternoon thinking of how I was going to have to basically win an Oscar with my performance of "how much I love this headboard" so I wouldn't hurt his feelings. I remember turning the corner of the porch and seeing that fabulous headboard standing there. I literally burst into tears, HAPPY tears! Where did this come from? The exact headboard of my dreams??? How could that be? He had no picture to go by, no clue as to what I wanted. He just did it. I hate to admit this, but he didn't even have all the "TOYS" he has now to have built it with. It was just pure, raw talent that created that headboard, and I knew right then that he had talent like none I had ever seen, and those of you that know me KNOW I am picky, picky, picky, and if there is one thing I's d├ęcor!  I remember he kept asking me if I liked it, and I remember being completely and totally speechless because the tears just kept flowing.  I still can't believe he constructed this beautiful headboard for me out of nothing but a pile of wood....

 That night, I put pictures on my personal Facebook page, people started asking about how they could get one, we started actively seeking God's guidance on creating this business, and now we have built countless headboards (and all kinds of other pieces) that have gone into other people's homes. We have complete bedroom sets out there of OUR furniture, and it all started with my little headboard. I take back every doubt I ever had about my Kenny making that headboard for me. I still think my headboard is the very best, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! 

I feel so incredibly bad I ever doubted him...only thing I've ever doubted him on, ever. Guess he proved me wrong!! I have more faith in that man and what he can do that he will ever know! I still can't look at that headboard without my heart swelling with happiness; happiness that he is so very talented beyond belief, happiness that he has used his gift to bless others and the good Lord, and happiness that I did get the headboard I loved after all!
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