Monday, October 27, 2014

CRAZY and Loving EVERY Minute of It!!!

So much going on here lately.... it has been VERY difficult to blog......BUT today I have decided firmly to MAKE myself take a few minutes and get back in the groove because I absolutely LOVE blogging, and I miss it terribly!!  Our handcrafted furniture business is just BOOMING, and I am soooooo very thankful and blessed that there are people out there that still have faith in keeping the American Dream alive!!!!  :)   What transpired from us just taking a GINORMOUS leap of faith has completely surpassed any and all of our expectations, and we are just so incredibly blessed.

When I stop and reflect on all we have accomplished in the past few months, I am OVERWHELMED with so many emotions.  And to think....EVERY bit of this all started with nothing more than straight-up faith.  Two people who couldn't find furniture they liked to start their new life together decided to make some of their own.  Two people who just wanted to be together every day and not be separated by miles for weeks out of the month just stepped outside of the box and took a chance, the chance of a lifetime.  Our first piece is still my favorite and always will be.....

We did NOT have the money to start a business....I wish I could make it all sound perfect and wonderful and say we did, but the real truth is we did not.  When I say we had nothing but hopes, dreams, and a WHOLE LOT of faith, I am dead serious. 

I know there are plenty of people we know who think we are crazy!  I mean, seriously, who DOES what we did????  And, you know what???  They are RIGHT!  We are CRAZY!  Crazy in love with each other, crazy over what we do, crazy about every single piece of furniture we build, crazy enough to take a chance, and crazy enough to LIVE life!!! 

I think people don't realize that we work seven days a week over here, seven days a week.....just about eighteen hours or more on most of those days, and we work HARD!  (I have to admit, we both LOVE a hot Krispy Kreme donut, and we do take time out to partake in a FEW of those from time to time, but that is usually on the way back from a delivery even then!!) The crazy part is, we don't mind any of this craziness that goes on pretty much 24/7.  We love EVERY single second of it!!! 

Along this journey, we have met some of the most amazing people.  I can't begin to tell you how EACH and EVERY one of these people has touched our lives in some way.  I feel so connected to all of the people who have a piece of our furniture in their home.  I don't know how to explain it, but each of our customers is so very special to us.  I feel as if I have known all these people my entire life!  That happens every single time I finally get to "see" them in person, and I can't explain it.  It's just this connected feeling that already exists. 

And, tonight, I sit here and look around, and I see THREE different pieces that once belonged to various customers' grandmothers.  I guess to a lot of people, that wouldn't mean much of anything, but to me, it means EVERYTHING.  To be entrusted with something that belonged to someone's grandmother.... I can't even begin to tell you how that makes us feel.  To be entrusted to take a treasured item that has been handed down from grandmother, to mother, to  And then to be asked to create a piece that mirrors those treasured heirlooms.....even more WOW.  To think that people trust us and believe in us enough to create something that will share a home with their grandmother's truly touches both of us beyond measure. 

It's all the little things like that, those grandmother's pieces, that make me proud to say that yep, we are absolutely as crazy as we can be!!!  We are indeed completely crazy over everything about what we are doing, completely crazy over every single second of this new endeavor, and completely crazy with work and serving God through this business.  So, here's to being crazy and here's to loving every single second of it!!  Who knew being crazy would be so awesome!!! 

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